Feature Film

Girl Games Comedy producer.


Feature Film

Gutshot Straight with Steven Seagal.

Producer 2014 ---  Victor Kruglov.

Feature Film

Higher Mission- Finish

" Higher Mission" shot in Oklahoma. released in August 2014

Victor Kruglov co-producer.


"We, Brothers" -    Feature Film.   Production Information: Solomon Films Production Inc.Nonstop Media USA Corp  SAG-AFTRA    Executive Producer: Siarhei Zhdanovich: Producer: VICTOR KRUGLOV:     Director: William De Vital,   Casting Director: Fern Champion.                     Location:  Belarus and LA Start Date: Finished.


  with Eric Roberts, Sally Kirkland and more.

Storyline:      [SARA OGDEN]  cast  Natasha Alam. --  This attractive, sharply intelligent woman is a world-famous journalist whose work has taken her to some of the most dangerous hot spots on Earth.  But currently, Sara suspects she has been targeted for death by a mysterious adversary -- and her recent brushes with would-be abductors and assassins have left her badly shaken. Sara's journalistic profession is actually a cover for her actual calling -- as an acolyte of the Abelist Order -- a group of beneficent elders dedicated to identifying and controlling those individuals bearing the Mark of Cain.  Her current journey to Belarus is for the highest stakes yet, a trip that could shore up world peace -- or trigger the Apocalypse.  But Sara may learn that the true evil lies far closer to home than she had suspected...   STORYLINE:  SARA OGDEN, a wealthy and world-famous journalist, travels the world doing the work of the Abelists' Order -- those elders who track individuals bearing the Mark of Cain. Sara's latest mysterious mission takes her to Belarus, where she hopes to prevent a young man with the mark from being "activated" -- an event that could trigger the Apocalypse.  But Sara may have targeted the wrong person for conversion.  The true evil lies much closer to home...

Feature Film


Co-producer Victor Kruglov, released in 2016.

Feature Film

The Code of Cain. 2016

Producer Victor Kruglov.